Sunday, January 29, 2012

Money is the root of all cool things.

I've been trying to get a job here in muncie since I started college, but whenever someone's hiring I dont even get a call after i apply. no, "sorry we filled the spot" or "sorry you weren't qualified" nothing. absolutely, nothing. it makes me so mad. at least have the common curtesy to tell me the result of my application, dont just ignore me. GRAHHH.

On a more positive note, I earn about 150 bucks a month from biolife by donating plasma, so that isn't too bad. :D I should probably start doing that again. Maybe I will tomorrow.

I really want to get myself a new watch. The one I have now, while it's not bad, I would like something better. The black finish is wearing off and it's looking dated (no pun intended). (okay that was a bad joke. but still...) I dont know what I should get though, I like black sleek watches, and I really love Movado watches, but they are WAAAAAAY out of my price range. They certainly look sexy though. My Armitron is a cheap imitation of what they look like, and even though I love how my watch looks, I can't help but be jealous.
Just look at how damn sexy this thing is.

I love that watch. I don't love it's price tag however. 1,600 is just not in my wallet right now. That's all the money I have in checking AND savings. Not happening anytime soon. Unless someone wants to give me a very generous donation. (but I seriously doubt that, and even if I had that much, it would go to three things. 1. Car fund 2. savings and 3. Girlfriend. :D)

Oh well. My watch is still ticking, and I'm okay with that. 

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