Thursday, January 26, 2012


Pharmacists Who Suck at Their Job Tell Teens They Can't Have Morning-After Pill [Plan B]

Read this link for me would you? Go ahead ill give you time.....

Now, can anyone tell me how lying to kids just so they uphold their own skewed moral beliefs is legal, and better yet, how misinformation like this is even permitted in the workplace? Oh that's right, because their boss is probably operating on the same moral compass.

I just can't believe that people would do this. Maybe they're just dumb? I don't know. But its outrageous and I wont stand for it. Its just not fair to do that to someone. They are trying to be responsible for their actions and fix what they've done, but you're dooming them to a horrible life because you have a personal moral vendetta against people having sex underage? Get over it! People are having sex at 14 and 15, and even if it was legal for them, I bet you you'd be lying to them too!

That just makes me mad. I hate when people do things like this. Its just not in the best interest for humanity. You're not being nice to your fellow human, which is two of your commandments broken. (Well the golden rule and lying)

I was going to end this post with some more joyous news, but now I can't even think of any, im just so mad.

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