Monday, January 30, 2012

More Things about Mo-nay and To-Day

From now on, I think I'm going to try to make a post every night before I drift off into dreamland. It's a good way so sum up my day and inform all of you the goings on in my life. (Even though I'm sure you could care less.)

Today wasn't a bad day, but it wasn't too good either. I mostly sat around all day, on the Internet like usual. Talked with the girlfriend on skype all day, so that was nice. I ate some delicious bleu cheese and celery today. God is that a good combination. Also pizza bagels. Those are the shit. :D Man, just thinking about them got me hungry again...but I've already brushed my teeth for the night, so none of that. 

After that post yesterday about watches I stumbled upon a great watch deal today. 
20 Bucks! can you believe it???
DailySteals had this awesome watch on sale today. It looks pretty sexy, not gonna lie. Not as nice as those Movado's do, but still really nice.

I picked up some gifts for valentines day for the lady. Its nice not to be forever alone anymore. I quite like it, despite the amount of money i spend because of her. Its definitely worth every cent. :D

I hope the humble indie bundle 5 releases soon; I could use more games. I still havent beat cave story or any of the other games I downloaded from the last one, but I love their bundles. :] My favourite so far was VVVVVV, an awesome but impossible game that everyone should play RIGHT NOW

Its available almost everywhere and Its so simple. 3 buttons. Left, Right, and Flip. Its incredibly easy to die in this game, so dont think you're just terrible. :D 

Here's a demo, and Here's where you can buy it on steam. DO IT. IT'S AWESOME. 

That's it for today. Al's feet are sayin'


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