Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The road

As I listen to Imogen heap and listen to people blasting their music as the roar down the road at 45mph on at 20 mph road, I sit and wonder to myself,  why do I do the things I do? I don't understand what drives people to motivated. My best friend Grant is an architecture major, and he works his ass off every day if the week. I barely have any homework, when I do its really easy, yet I rarely do it. I don't know how people find that within themselves to get things done. I've never been much for the future, as in I've never really been able to link my present actions to future consequences. I see what would happen, I know the consequences, they just don't motivate me like they should. Is that a problem with me, or is everyone like that and they just push through it?

Sometimes (okay almost all the time) I wish I could read other people's minds. Not to steal their secrets or anything sinister, but just to see how other people think; to see just how similar or different we all are. I want to know what other people think of the world, of themselves and of their problems. I want to be in touch with everyone on that personal level.

Well that's enough brain-spew for one night. Enjoy your morning/night. :]


  1. Sounds like the liberal media has you in a slump of cynicism. Just remember, every bit of hard work you do now will be rewarded in the future. So don't ever stop working hard!

    1. actually it was the conservative media that got me in a slump, but im better now, thanks!