Monday, January 23, 2012

I can't believe it.

Today I dropped my phone into the shower. I had it sitting in the corner and then someone had to call me and it vibrated of it's perfect perch into the water. Fortunately, I got a kit from ifixit that took my phone apart in a few minutes. It wasn't too wet, but I let it dry for a few hours and now it works fine. :D

I try not to put too many ads on this blog. I hate it on other blogs how theres 200 ads per blog. I put all mine at the bottom so if you dont want to see them then you dont have to. :]

To anyone who hasn't heard of him, definitely check out Steve Byrne. He's brilliant and hilarious. heres some of my favourites. He's made 2 hour long movies, and they're both available for streaming on Netflix so go watch them. The bits on youtube are really funny, but the actual video is even funnier. 



  1. haha i went swimming with my phone in my pocket :(

    1. i almost did that once. soooo glad i stopped myself. did you get it working?