Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Its been a long time

Other than the fact that Cake is now stuck in my head, I feel that the title is a good one. I haven't posted a blog in several months, but i hope now i can get back into it and find some more cool shit.

Item number one:

I am now living in Indy and going to IUPUI, and I LOVE it. Indy is such an amazing city. I've already gotten a job here and it only took me two days. Im working at the Pita Pit, and i have to say, its delicious, and everyone there is awesome. I never want to go back to Muncie again. (Unless its for that awesome indian food place, Sitara)

Item number two:

I just discovered a new social networking site called Zurker. Personally, I'm very against social media, but this site is quite cool, because the users actually own the site. Its still an invite only site (much like Pinterest and google+ when they opened) but its is an awesome site that needs to gain some popularity. You can easily get an invite from me right here.

Item number three:

I upgraded my phone to the Galaxy Nexus, and i am loving it. It's definitely the best android phone out there. Im mad that Sprint doesn't have the Jelly Bean update out yet, but they did just send me a free battery for it, minus the cost of shipping it.

So basically...Life's good!

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